Clean and safe home renovations

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At Damaren Renovations we make cleanliness and safety a priority. However, home renovations can easily become a dirty job. If you’ve had experience with remodeling, you may be aware that during demolition debris and dust can be produced in large quantities. So, one of the first conversations at project start … Read More

What is the cost of a home addition?

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As homeowners, one of the first questions most people have about additions is “what’s this going to cost?” and give priority to finding ways of saving while still getting the best options – of course, without also sacrificing the elements they can’t live without. Considering the typical size and costs … Read More

When doing a home renovation, plan ahead!

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Construction and renovations have a relatively small season and trying to negotiate the planning and permit process while in fact starting the job during the same season can be difficult. Depending on the renovation, generally speaking most home renovations are big projects and many homeowners are not properly prepared to … Read More

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