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When you need a small touch up or a large scale home renovation, our home renovations team is there for you!

Are searching for professional to make your Kitchener home renovation?

Kitchener home renovationsDa Maren Renovations is one of Kitchener’s premier trusted home renovations companies. The top choice for discerning homeowners, we can help with all kinds of renovation work for your home or business. Our clients call our home renovation services honest, informative, friendly, and organized. We make sure to keep our work area clean and make an effort to cause the least amount of disruption to your daily activities whenever possible.As a specialist Kitchener home renovations company we are proud to provide excellence in service in every project we work on. We pay close attention to your project needs and wants and work with you to build something that will be enjoyed for a very long time. Quality work and strong craftsmanship that delivers secure and beautiful home renovations that we are proud to show. More than 15 years of experience helping homeowners enjoy a professional Kitchener home renovation and realize their dream homes. Our experience and work speak for themselves.

Bought a new property? Need some home renovations?

Whether it is a home in Bridgeport or a brand new condo in downtown Kitchener, this city is a great place live. All you need now is a home that reflects your personality and style, a comfortable and beautiful place for you and your peopl to truly enjoy; a place that your are proud to show off to your friends and family. Whether you need a new home addition or just want to make some changes to the look of your condo, Da Maren Renovations can make your Kitchener home renovation become a reality.

We can help you think outside-of-the-box when looking for creative home renovation solutions for your space. We do this while keeping a very close eye on your budget, making sure your costs are stable while the quality of the work is the best possible within your possibilities. Of course, if your budget is large enough, we can do some extraordinary work.

At Da Maren Renovations we understand a renovation can be a major disruption and we work together with you to plan accordingly. This will ensure that we cause the least amount of disruption to your daily life as possible while keeping the work area is clean at all times.

We are specialists in Kitchener home renovations: Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements and Major Home Renovations like Home Additions or Extensions. For all your home renovation needs in Kitchener, give us a call or send a message.

Top planning, always within budget Kitchener Home Renovations

It is very important to have a clear idea of how much you want to spend on your Kitchener home renovations project. Building a realistic budget from the beginning, almost guarantees that the project will be completed as expected and helps avoid unnecessary difficulties during the process. Take a look at your finances and talk to us to find out what renovation will be the most adequate for you.

A professional contractor can provide clear advise on what to save on so that you use your budget wisely on the elements that matter the most to you. Also, talk to different contractors and compare quotes before deciding who to work with. Be careful to read all the details in your estimates. Sometimes a low estimate hides a big increase in budget cost once the project starts.


“Honest, informative and in control. Da Maren Renovations has always displayed a trust value that some trades people don’t have a prayer in achieving. Being hurt in the past by trades people myself, I am extremely apprehensive as to who can be trusted.

Da Maren Renovations’ HONEST, GOOD FOR HIS WORD and INFORMATIVE approach, will leave you feeling like you KNOW what is going on, and IN CONTROL of your project. I have spent many years close to trades people, and have seen first-hand that many contractors do not share this approach.

Their craftsmanship is second to none, and I would HIGHLY recommend Da Maren Renovations for any Kitchener  home renovation project”

Kitchener, Ontario