You get what you pay for – so goes the old adage. When thinking or planning a renovation and looking for estimates or quotes, sometimes we think the cheaper the better, what can go wrong with the triple threat; Cheap, Pretty and Good. The problem is that it is virtually impossible to get a good renovation that looks pretty and is cheap (or in any order or combination, you will get two but not the three). So when asking for a price, you will probably get two different answers; a renovation estimate or an exact quote.Renovation estimates are ‘best guesses’ and assume several things must be in place or have to happen for it to remain true. There are many details that go into a renovation and unpredictable things that can go wrong that an estimate can’t possibly accommodate for them all. Do we (at Da Maren Renovations) provide renovation estimates? Yes we do, however, we always recommend taking the time to get an exact quote.

What is an exact quote?

Exact quotes are prepared after careful consideration of your situation. The more information we have, the more precise the quote will be. This requires a look through the place to be renovated, understanding of some of the conditions and knowledge of your real concerns and wishes. Once we have the necessary information, an exact quote is a more adequate number that will only change in the most specific situations (for instance if you add a new job). In other words, you have a clearer understanding of what is going to happen, get a more realistic price and can prepare better for your renovation.At Da Maren Renovations we prefer exact quotes. A quick, up front price gives little room to work a great design. Basically we are working from the tail back; we get a price and then try to design everything you want while keeping the price stable. This many times leads to cutting corners and sacrificing on what you really want.With exact quotes you get a more accurate and realistic number and based on the information we consider your needs and wishes first.Just because we prefer the exact quote method, it doesn’t mean we can’t estimate. In fact, with our experience we are pretty good at figuring out a ballpark number. However, we can’t marry to the estimate number as things may change. If you take the extra time for us to do a well-researched, calculated figure, you won’t regret it!Contact Da Maren Renovations, Guelph’s renovation expert 519-362-1020.

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