Thinking about renovating your bathroom? A great bathroom renovation should consider all your needs, present and future. Keep in mind the next tips and ideas before starting your design and your reno.

1. Think about the floors!

Durability is a very important factor to consider. When choosing your floor materials, look for materials with the highest durability and the best appearance. Ceramic, stone and marble are classics; these materials are water-resistant and quite durable, which makes them excellent choices for a bathroom. Using subfloor-heating coils can turn these usually cold surfaces into a warm paradise for your feet.

2. BathTubs are like beds

Everybody knows this, and yet, many people forget about it when shopping for a new tub. You have to sit in the tub before buying; it’s the only way to test if the size and type will work for you. Like beds, everyone likes a different thing, so make sure to try the tub before deciding. Surprisingly, in tubs, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Most people need enough room to stretch but with the right amount of secure foothold to avoid floating around when the tub is full (although some people like that). Check neck support and comfort, if your space is small, get a deeper one. Make note of your space and your needs when buying a new tub.

3. Fixtures make the bathroom renovation better

Elegant fixtures will make this very important space into a relaxing oasis. A pedestal sink with a stylish design is more appealing than a basic cabinet vanity. Claw-foot tubs are a visual centerpiece and many other small details will make for all the difference between a boring bathroom and an oasis in the middle of your home.

4. Better one really good mirror…

While having many mirrors might be tempting, instead consider having one mirror with a beautiful frame over the sink. If you want to complement this mirror with another one, consider an adjustable mirror mounted on your wall or add a well-lit mirrored shaving niche in your shower. These little details add comfort and functionality.

5. It’s not just a toilet!

Toilets are a key element of a bathroom. You may be tempted to save some money when buying a new toilet, however, try to get one that is nice, there are good options that don’t necessarily cost an arm and a leg, improve the quality of your bathroom renovation and prove a wise investment over time. Get a decent toilet, don’t skimp too much as you will regret it!

There are many other details to be considered, however, these 5 tips can definitively get you going with your plans. Need any help redesigning your bathroom? Contact DaMaren Renovations in Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo and get started right away!

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