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Your New Kitchen – Begin the Planning!

Sometimes, a kitchen renovation seems a daunting project. Do you feel that a full kitchen renovation and design project will be overwhelming? We help you by providing some helpful tips to get you going with your kitchen design.

Prioritize and Use Your Experience

To start designing your kitchen, begin by considering your experience, what you live day to day with your current kitchen. Figure out what works, what you find it needs and what you really want on your new kitchen. Creating a priorities list for your kitchen renovation ensures that your new design will work for you and your family. Some people like to clip pictures and keep a file with kitchen designs and ideas; this is a great way to start.

By doing your priorities list, you may find yourself going beyond the obvious (adding more storage and counter space) and the list should include answers to the following questions:

  • What’s your cooking style?
  • How many people do usually cook at one time?
  • Will you entertain in the kitchen?
  • What’s your kitchen’s place within the rest of your home?
  • Any special appliances you may want?
  • What is your kitchen renovation budget?

Kitchen Renovation Design Time

Now that you have very well prepared list of priorities, needs and musts, you are ready to start considering kitchen designs. Work with a professional renovator or kitchen designer and begin matching your priorities with your new kitchen for your renovation project. A professional renovator will focus on basic kitchen design guidelines such as the work triangle, designated areas for cleanup / food prep / etc, clearance space, storage and counter space, seating area required, cabinet styles and designs, appliances and fixtures, and adequate lighting.

With your list of priorities, your kitchen renovator can create a plan that meets your needs. As you work to finalize the designs for your new kitchen, deciding on cabinet styles and finishes will be important. With the initial planning for your design, it is easier to have a realistic and detailed estimate and construction plan.

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