Sometimes, just looking at your house you know it is time for a home renovation and time for the old to go. But there are those times, when you are not completely sure if your Guelph home needs a remodeling. This often happens to people whose home is 15 years old or older. In some cases, a house may be in excellent condition. This can leave you confused and undecided about what the next step should be.

How to know when the time is right for a home renovation

There is no sure fire way to know when is the right time. However, there a some pointers that help make your decision easier. For instance, if your home is under 20 years old and only your family has lived in it, then it is not very likely your home actually needs renovations. In those cases when the house is over 10 years old and has been used by tenants, then you are very likely in need of repairs and renovations.

It all boils down to the house inhabitants. While some families are very careful with their homes, others not so much. Same applies with tenants. Generally speaking, tenants do tend to not take as good care of the house or property as the actual owners. This generates quicker deterioration and often means the need for a remodeling and overhauling.

Ask for opinions

When we are too close to the situation, often we miss details or can loose perspective. This is why it is important that you get more opinions before you get to any conclusions. Check with a knowledgeable family member or friend and get their honest opinion. Ask them if they would live or purchase the house or property in question in its current state. Their answer may surprise you.

Get a property appraisal before your home renovation

Last but not least, ask for appraisals from local Guelph appraisers. The truth is most appraisers will not be doing their job to tell you if it is time to remodel or not, they are supposed to give you a current value of your property. However, in the process of determining the value of your home, they will often let you know if the house can improve its value with repairs and renovations. If the appraiser says your home could benefit greatly from a reno, chances are you are due a good overhaul of your home.

Need a home renovation in Guelph?

You’ve checked with your friends or family, you’ve taken a good look at your home or even have your appraisal on hand, and are sure your house needs a home renovation. Then it is time to give Da Maren Renovations a call. We will help you get your home in shape and ready to be sold or just improve it for your enjoyment.

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