Detailed Commercial Renovations Guelph

More than 15 years of experience and knowledge of municipality regulations makes Da Maren Renovations a premier choice for your business and commercial renovations Guelph. Office, retail and food industry renovations, we do them all.

The commercial renovations GUELPH for your business needs

Da Maren Renovations has the capability to perform all functions within the interior contracting requirements for your commercial renovations. Our project capability ranges from the small to very large business renovations of retail stores, restaurants and commercial spaces. As expert contractors we work in each specialty with a complete understanding of what your business needs and follow the local regulations to the letter.

Custom commercial renovations to your specifications

Whether the project is remodeling a law office, business hub or medical practice, building a retail store or a high end restaurant, adding a new church or school extension, remodeling a hotel, spa or a hospital, we have the rght team and experience to perform the job. For commercial renovations Guelph, Da Maren Renovations provides construction management services, taking care of planning, scope, budget and execution, meeting every expectation you have.

Commercial Renovations Guelph

Good planning means a realistic budget in Commercial Renovations

It is very important to have a clear idea of how much you want to spend on commercial renovations. Establishing a realistic budget from the start, ensures that the project will be completed as planned and avoid unnecessary hurdles along the way.

A professional contractor for commercial renovations Guelph like Da Maren Renovations can provide clear advise on what to save on so that you use your budget wisely on the things that matter to your business. Low estimates are not always the best idea, savings must happen somewhere and generally, somewhere you don’t want to. That is why Da Maren Renovations prepares realistic and fairly priced budgets.


“Da Maren Renovations did a remodeling of the first floor in my house and my upper bathroom. The work, which included a new kitchen, removal of a wall and new floors, started on time and was completed on schedule on budget! I was very happy with the finals results.”

Guelph, Ontario

Top team of commercial renovations

Da Maren is a professional team of commercial renovations Guelph experts. Our specialists include plumbers, electricians, masons and all trades to complete your commercial renovation within spec and regulation. A commercial renovation project is a project that seeks to restore or repair an existing construction. Generally, this type of construction makes old construction look new again or is undertaken by businesses wanting to adapt a space for operations. Renovations are generally undertaken for one of two reasons, to enhance the look and functionality of a space for your staff and customers or to increase the resale value for an upcoming sale of a property.

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