At Damaren Renovations we make cleanliness and safety a priority. A clean home renovation is a top consideration for us. However, home renovations can easily become a dirty job. If you’ve had experience with remodeling, you may be aware that during demolition debris and dust can be produced in large quantities. So, one of the first conversations at project start is how we are going to manage a clean and safe working area. Along with demolition, many renovations happen while the client is living in the house, so keeping a clean and safe work area is crucial for everyone involved.

Clean home renovations

A clean home renovation from the beginning

Before starting our renovation work, we establish the areas of the house that the project may have an effect on. Once the areas are defined, we make plans on how to isolate the work areas from the areas in use to keep them as clean as possible. Prevention is the best method to ensure a clean home renovation. By protecting and containing the areas we make sure the home remains at the best state possible before, during and after work.

After finishing our work every day, we clean up. Proper and diligent clean up of the work area in a home renovation reduces the level of discomfort for the home owners and ensures a safer work environment at the beginning of each day.

Cleaning and safety are as important as the details and finishes on a home renovation. Make sure to know how the work site will be kept safe and clean so you can follow the proper procedures and discuss any concerns you may have. A clean home renovation makes for a better renovation experience.

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