As homeowners, one of the first questions most people have about additions is “what’s this going to cost?” and give priority to finding ways of saving while still getting the best options – of course, without also sacrificing the elements they can’t live without. Considering the typical size and costs of a home addition, this is a very natural reaction. In reality, most end up making cuts to get what they want, unless of course money is no concern. So, when thinking about home additions, if money is not unlimited, keep in mind sacrifices will happen.

Home additions can vary in cost, from around 12,000 on the low end to 150,000 on the high end. These numbers vary greatly of course depending on many factors like scope, size, geography and labour costs. If you live in an expensive area add some cost. If you want a basic addition without any bells and whistles, subtract some from the budget. A good average cost for a home addition is 38,000.

These numbers may sound big, but they are not if you consider the costs of moving. According to various studies, in general you can expect the cost of moving to a new house to be around 10% of the house value, with current home values over 400,000 you can expect your moving expenses (including costs of selling and closing) to be around 40k. A very decent home addition of 30,000 can give you what you want to your expectations and you save the trouble of moving, especially when you like your neighbourhood.

Keeping these numbers in mind, it is time to get work bids. Call different contractors and ask for an estimation. It is not a bad idea to hire an architect to design your plan, this not only ensures that your design is sound but will help you compare quotes on an apples to apples basis as your contractors will bid on the same work. An architect is not a requirement, but if your budget allows, it is a good idea, just be careful as this can turn into a hidden cost if you don’t take it into account as part of the project costs. So whatever your architect is going to cost, add it to the total budget for your renovation.


With frequency, homeowners get a home addition that turns into a little oasis, getting great floors, furniture, wall décor, etc., and then realize that their addition is out of sorts with the rest of the house. At Da Maren Renovations we make sure that your addition fits with your home and improves the overall look instead of contrasting with it. Make sure to keep this in mind when getting your home addition done.

Sometimes, what you need is really a home renovation with a smaller addition to put the cherry on top. In this way, you get a renewed love for your home and all the work is consistent throughout the house. Now, if you really want the addition, try to match the flooring of the addition with the room leading into it, or don’t make it stand out so much that it feels like you are walking into a different house by crossing a doorway. Understandably, flooring materials fade and gets dirtier over time, so it is more a matter of trying your best. Inspect the floor samples in daylight, interior light and on your home and make sure it matches as much as possible. A similar process with wall paint/ wallpaper and other elements of your decoration is not a bad idea either. Adding a new space is not about breaking the house design, but enhancing its appearance and increasing the space value.

Have a home addition in mind? Contact Da Maren Renovations, our experience, client references and ability to create an addition that blends nicely with your home will help you enjoy your home for many years to come.

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