A great way to improve your home and way of life is to plan a home addition. Adding space for a larger kitchen, a new bathroom or a new bedroom can be a very inexpensive way to improve your house when compared to buying a new one. The possibility of an addition on your own home is fantastic, especially when you like the location and the house you are already in. If all you need is an extra bedroom, new bathroom, a larger kitchen or a new home office, then a home addition is a better choice than moving.

With additions the options are endless and can be as big as your dreams and the bank that’s providing the funds. But let’s not think about banks and legal stuff, and zoom in on the steps you need to take for planning your home addition:

Step One: Property Lines

Figure out your property lines and obtain a plot plan or site plan that includes the home, landscaping and where the utilities are buried. A site plan would have been given to you by your lawyer when you purchased the home; if not one can easily be obtained from the city / municipality. This is an important step, because what and where you want the addition can depend on your available space, and the limitations of your city and/or municipality (ie. how close to the street and your neighbours can you build).

Step Two: Create a Design that Works with Your Floor Plan

Consider the current structure and floor plan of your home. Get some help from a home designer or a trusty contractor like Da Maren Renovations and prepare a plan to create the most useful, attractive and efficient addition to your home. Consider how you will live in the new space and also consider how it will look from the outside. It all matters.

Step Three: Draft the Plans

This last step is about details. Before any work is done, figure out all the materials and the scope of the work to be done in your home. Consider all the materials and have a first, second and/or third choice as you may find that some materials may balloon the cost or others may not be available in your region. Determine what you can’t live without, what you are willing to compromise and especially where you can find the most inexpensive option but still manage to look great in the end. Your designer or home renovator can be a very valuable asset during this phase.

Once you have all information gathered and a well-developed plan, it is time to commence work. If you haven’t found the right home renovation company by then, then start getting quotes. If you are looking for a home reno quote or assistance with designing your addition, give Da Maren Renovations a call.