When planning bathroom or kitchen renovations Guelph, give some thought to lighting. Proper illumination makes a room come to life. Among the illumination considerations for your reno, you will have the opportunity to decide between using xenon, halogen or LED lights. While LED lighting has been around for a while, most people have chosen xenon or halogen as these are less expensive, however, LED lighting has become much more reasonable and has the added advantage that these exude less heat, tend to last a long time and consume less energy, which translates into savings on hydro bills.

Using LEDs in bath and kitchen renovations Guelph

When doing bath and kitchen renovations Guelph, LED lighting can be used for general lighting in potlights and task lighting, for example in undercounter applications. LEDs provide a very clear, crisp type of light and as said before, the energy consumption is much lower than other options. With the reduced heat, LEDs work great in kitchens. As LEDs don’t cause more heat around you while working in the kitchen and make cooking a more enjoyable experience, while also making indoor cooking in the summer little less difficult. The risk of burning by touch is reduced to a minimum with LED lights and can be good for cabinets, for example.

At DaMaren Renovations we recommend the use of LEDs in all our projects in Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo whenever possible and convenient for our clients. So, when doing your renos, consider using LEDs, save energy and enjoy less heat.

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