You have done your research for a Kitchener renovation project, asked around and probably have a list of people who to contact. However, the question still remains; is the contractor I’m about to hire a true professional?

Hiring a professional home renovator is the best assurance that you will get results as you want them and the best value for your money.

What is a professional home renovator?

A professional home renovator is a general contractor, an individual who puts your whole home renovation project together. The general contractor assumes complete responsibility for the project and the work being done and should give you a warranty once the work is finished. Some home renovators that do Kitchener renovation projects don’t offer these assurances, so it is always important to ask about warranties before commencing any job.

A home renovation requires the use of several different disciplines. Professionals of different specialties need to work together, people from different trades with different levels of expertise. A professional renovator works with a comprehensive business network of materials and tools suppliers, trades, installers and experts that they call upon as required for each project.

For a general contractor to be capable in home renovation, they need to understand the technical aspects of construction in detail and obviously, know how houses work. Project assessment is important as this sets the basis of all the work to be done. A professional home renovator should be able to identify potential problems and provide solutions while explaining what will be involved in the project.

Sometimes, a project requires interior design services. Some renovation companies have designers working for them; other home renovators provide design services themselves. If your home renovation requires an advanced design, usually, a professional home renovator will bring in a professional designer to give life to your spaces. Design-build renovators offer both design and construction services and you may hire them for one service or both. Alternatively, professional renovators are also experienced in working with architect’s drawings; others work with technology to help you visualize your finished project.

A professional Kitchener renovation requires extensive knowledge of the latest products and materials. Renovators like Da Maren Renovations keep up-to-date with the latest and can help you make selections that will fit your project and your budget.

Regulations and bylaws are a part of the home renovation expert. If you live in Kitchener-Waterloo you want a home renovation expert that knows Kitchener’s regulations. This is one of the main reasons people search for local home renovation by typing ‘home renovations Kitchener’.

Above all, professional home renovators provide a written contract, listen to your needs and work within your budget.

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